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Why Support Small Business

Want to know what happens every time someone buys a planner from us?

We get a cha-ching notification on our phones and immediately Tess and I Marco Polo each other to celebrate! We dance, get SO excited, race to tell our husbands, then hurry and get it shipped to you as fast as we can.

It really is a party Every Single Time.

So why shop small?

Because of moments like this.

Sometimes it’s hard to see behind the scenes. The mom getting up early or staying up way too late. The nap time cram sessions. The calls while simultaneously spooning lunch to our littles. The dreams becoming a reality, women learning that they can do more than they thought, the income that pays the bills or gets us one step closer to the family vacation that hasn’t happened in years.

I had NO idea what went into running a small business until I started one. Making a planner seemed like it would be pretty easy. Design, print, sell, wallah!

Oh no sister! I have never had so many conversations about paper weight, binding, marks and bleed, and finding the right printing company so the prices don’t have to be tremendous.

We had to learn new design programs, how to set up and run websites. We tested and retested the designs until we got it just right… hours and hours and hours of work.

That little purchase to a small business is the biggest hug, high five, congratulations, and thank you a small business can get and we can never thank you enough!

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