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What it Means to Be Intentional

This has become a word that has changed my life for good. For years I was solely focused on action. Do more, Do better, Do Do Do! ….no.

I was in a state of saying “yes” to everything. Even if I didn’t have time, I would figure out a way to make it happen. I was never satisfied. I was always tired. I wasn’t thinking about why I was doing anything.

Then my perspective shifted. I realized that I felt something was missing. I started reading a lot of books, trying to find my purpose and what I wanted out of life. I tried a lot of things, some I found that I loved - others I didn’t. I’m not sure when the realization came fully… but I realized I wanted to have more meaning to the things I was doing.

I wanted more time for the fun stuff, more time with my family, for myself, to be with friends. I didn’t want to feel stuck or will a constant feeling of there being something more. I wanted to explore life and to do that I needed to start focusing on WHY I do things.

Done on purpose.

There is so much more thought there than just “done.” That seems careless to me now. Purpose gives life to our actions - and you know I’m all about living and experiencing!

So now my mission has become to inspire others, specifically you mammas!, to not just do anymore.. Be Intentional! Do on purpose!

Imagine your dream life - right now, with me. Ready? What are you doing? How do you feel?

Who is around you?

I don’t want you to stop until you can really feel and see it like a movie.

Good! Now think about your life right now. Envision it, feel it. Is there a difference? What is the difference? Is it a feeling? Something you have or don’t have? Something you are doing?

Well, now you know what you need to work toward. Your new intention!

Start doing ON PURPOSE! If you were spending time outside playing with your kids… what can you start doing now to make that happen? Is it leaving some chores undone? Turning off the TV or your phone? Googling a fun park or trail to go to or taking a walk around your neighborhood while you play I Spy? All it takes is a little effort and you’re already on your way to living the intentional life you dream of.

The tiniest of shifts can make a huge impact and that is what I am here to share with you! Get out of your head and into your life. You can do it mamma! Be intentional!

Britanee Jean Photography

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