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Using the December Intentional List

I always have big holiday plans in my head but never seem to be able to execute them. I run on too many things with too little time. This holiday season I really wanted to make sure we did what my family wanted to do and scheduled it way ahead of time.

I created the December Intentional List as a way for you to plan ahead. To sit with your family and discuss what is important to mark your calendar for this holiday season.

First I printed out just the coloring pages for my kids. I printed the color one out for me to write on!

I talked with my kids about what each picture represented. I did this with my almost six year old and 3 year old so we aren't to a reading age yet.

Instead of saying these are all the things we are doing to do this month, I asked them which 3 they felt were the most important we do.

It was really important to my 5 year old that we build gingerbread houses, he remembered how much fun we had building them last year. He also choose to have a hot chocolate night. He also loves playing in the snow so he choose a snowball fight and build a snowman. It was really fun to hear what he remembered from previous years and making new memories!

My three year old also wanted to build a gingerbread house (He wanted his to be "huge, like a giant bread building!") He also wanted to have hot chocolate and make a snowman that comes to life. We will see how

that goes for us!

It was really fun to talk to my husband and see what was important to him. He loves to cut down our Christmas tree every year. He also loves that we bake Christmas cookies and decorate them. I for sure thought he hated making cookies! So it was nice to see what he loved to be involved in!

I then took all the ideas and wrote them out in my planner for December! We don't have to do all of them but I choose to be intentional about the plans and projects we do this month. It made December a lot less overwhelming and a lot more intentional!

Free Coloring Printables!

Colored Dec Intentional List
Download • 6.56MB
Coloring Page Dec Intentional List
Download • 2.13MB

Don't forget to tag us on instagram to show us what your family does with them! @theintentionalmomplanner

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