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Raise Your Vibes

Everything is energy and everything gives energy. This month our focus word is vibrant because we want you to learn how to raise your vibration to naturally be a happier, healthier person. And it can actually be pretty simple!

When our mind and body become still (in the stuck, lazy, not reflective type of stillness), our vibration lowers. Feelings of unworthiness, jealousy and comparison, and fear are all low vibrations. Joy, love, empowerment, fun… these are all high vibrations.

So some simple intentional shifts can quickly help us change how we feel. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Get moving! I’m not even talking a workout. Just move! Go for a walk, dance in your kitchen where no one can see you, stretch or do yoga (lots of guided videos online!) play tag or hopscotch with your kids. Play is one of my favorite ways to move!

  2. Go outside! Sunshine is incredible for raising your vibration. Bonus : you’re habit stacking movement because most of the time, getting outside includes movement too!

  3. Use oils! Rose oil has the highest vibration of all the oils (320hz). Roll a little over your pulse points daily. Frankincense, lavender and peppermint also have high frequencies.

  4. Listen to music! Have you ever paid attention to how music makes you feel? Turn on the tunes that make you feel good! You can also search “high vibe music” and get lots of options.

  5. Do something you Love! You know your favorite things- the ones that excite you and make you feel good. Pick one and have fun!

It’s okay to have hard days and feel the heavy feelings. In fact, that’s normal and healthy! But when you need a little help to get out of the fog or to go from good to better, these are some great options! Which is your favorite? Or one you want to try?

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