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Planning February

Who is ready for February? I swear January flew by so quickly.

February is all about love but for us over here at Do Life Daily we are talking about VIBRANCY! The word of the month is Vibrant.

How are you choosing to be vibrant daily?

What does Vibrancy look like in your life?

How are you raising your vibrations?

Vibrancy means the state of being full of energy and life.

Here are some phone wallpaper covers to help you remember to choose Vibrancy daily!

This month our Bucket List is all for you mamas!

Take some time for selfcare, getting yourself some flowers, and sending a note someone you love!

What are you for sure going to get done?

Book Club is all in for February! Finish is an incredible book that we highly (HIGHLY-in a yelling voice) recommend! We will be chatting about it throughout the month!

Get your copy here! Finish

February (2)
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