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Overthinking Memories

It is way too easy to overcomplicate things, don’t you think? Some days I think I didn’t do anything! (meaning anything besides chores, right). Or something funny will happen and I’ll think that I won’t forget it to tell my husband or write in my journal later… but then I forget.

We are constantly making memories - big and small. Of course some are more memorable than others. But that doesn’t mean the simple times are any less important.

Simple things like my 1 year old son eating the ice out of my cup even if it gives him a brain freeze. Or the hug and back pats he gives his daddy when he comes home from work. Or our new routine of cuddling in a quilt right when he wakes up. He puts his head on my shoulder for 0.5 seconds before he wants to play, but I cherish that brief moment.

These things aren’t planned out or elaborate. Maybe to some they would seem insignificant or wouldn’t even be noticed. But to me they are important.

I’ve gotten in the habit of making little notes in my phone calendar or jotting down these quick moments in my Intentional Day Planner. It’s then easy for me to go back and expand my writing a little about the moment or simply have the little reminder to smile about as I’m reviewing my day, my week, my month, and my year.

It helps me realize how much I actually do besides the daily routine. Funny moments, hard moments, all things big and small that I want to remember.

Don’t overthink or feel like you need to write a novel every day or create elaborate experiences every day. Find enjoyment in the little things and they will turn into the big things as you’re able to reflect back on these memories.

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