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Our Year Words


For 2021 my word is Nourish. I wanted a bold word that made me feel like I could do it all… but this is the word that kept coming to my mind. Nourish. It seemed flimsy and soft at first, but as I thought more about it I realized that it really can be a bold word!

I want to nourish my mind through reading and studying. I want to learn more, know more, experience more, share more. I want to nourish my body. Eat foods to give me energy and strength. Move my body in ways that make me feel better and stronger so I can do more of the fun activities. I want to nourish my kids - not just in what foods I give them, but in laughter and play. I want to nourish my relationship by being intentional with our time together. I want to nourish my business by inspiring you to do these things as well.

Nourish can be bold and all encompassing and it shows me that I can do it all when I take the time to slow down, find what is most important, and give the proper love, attention and time each thing needs. I’m not all about action anymore. I’m about intentional action - there has to be feeling and reason behind it. Nourish is the perfect word to help me remember that.


I chose the word Capable because I want to prove that to myself this year. I wanted to show myself that I was capable of doing things. I am capable of being an amazing mother and an amazing business woman. I am capable of being gentle and strong. I am capable of being more than I can even imagine. And I want to repeat this to myself. I repeat it while I’m working out, while I’m doing something I don't want to do. I repeat that I am capable.

The feeling I want to have this year as I look day to day is that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I am capable of sitting still and listening to the silence. I am capable of listening to my body and what it needs. I am capable of creating the life I truly desire. So, for me, capable means that I can choose to be capable and present in the moment that is life.

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