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Oils for Outside

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Summer is HERE so bring on the sunshine and fun! ...and bugs, scrapes, sunburns...

Don't worry, I can help with all that. Use the links below to take you directly to the section you'd like or browse the whole post. This section will grow as I learn and experiment so feel free to share and save for later reference.



I have sun babies. We love being outside all summer long.

These are my best tips for natural fun in the sun.

Photosensitivity Warning:

Citrus oils can react with UV rays and may cause burns. When using citrus essential oils, or blends containing citrus, be cautious before going outside. To continue using citrus essential oils all year long - worry free - check these tips.

  1. Diffuse. Diffusing inside or outside will allow you to have the benefits of these uplifting oils without risking skin irritation.

  2. Apply under clothing. My High Vibe blend is one I use regularly, so I apply it under my clothes during the summer.

  3. Wait. If your skin will be exposed, (hello swimsuit days) wait to apply these oils until you are inside. A common suggestion is avoiding application for 12 hours prior to sun.

  4. Dilute. This doesn't decrease the efficacy of your oils. If you know you'll be outside and you still want to use your citrus oils, heavily dilute them.

*To know which oils can be photosensitive, check your doterra label on the bottle. Here is a list (updated June 2021).

Natural Sunscreen:

Zinc oxide is one of two active ingredients in sunscreen that the FDA approves as safe and effective (here). I have a couple options that are simple and effective that contain zinc oxide.

doTERRA baby diaper rash cream - zinc oxide 25%

This thick cream is not only good for baby bums, it can also be used as sunscreen. It will leave a white caste and is very thick. I suggest combining it with a little unscented lotion so it spreads easier and covers a wider area when using as a sunscreen.

Sun Junkie DIY Sunscreen by Naomi Nourse

1/2 c coconut oil 2 Tbsp cocoa butter 2 Tbsp shea butter 2 Tbsp beeswax 2 Tbsp non-nano zinc oxide 1-2 tsp cocoa powder (opt. for color) 20 drops doTERRA essential oils (lavender, peppermint, tea tree, copaiba, etc.)

Over a double boiler, melt all ingredients except zinc oxide, cocoa powder and essential oils. Once melted, remove from heat and allow to cool 15 minutes. Add zinc oxide (careful not to inhale powder) and cocoa powder and mix thoroughly. Add essential oils and mix. Stir occassionally as mixture thickens. Store in glass or silicone container.

After Sun Care:

When the rays get the best of you, it's time to cool down and replenish your skin. Aloe vera is the most common solution... but what if we amped it up a bit?

Sun Spray - Cool Down Spray

doTERRA Verage toner 20 drops essential oils (lavender, peppermint, tea tree, copaiba, etc.)

Add the essential oils directly into the Verage toner spray bottle. Tip or shake to mix and spray where needed. *if peppermint is added, do not spray directly onto the face (it can irritate the eyes). Spray onto finger tips and lightly pat the face instead, being careful to avoid the eyes. If irriration occurs, dilute with a carrier oil like coconut oil.


I like creepy crawlies, just not on me and my kids.

Here is how I prevent and care for bites, stings, and more.

Natural Bug Repellant:

TerraShield outdoor blend - diffuse, make your own lotion or spray, or get the ready to go spray!

Citronella - a classic. Ditch the citronella candles and swap for an outdoor diffuser and essential oil.

Lemon Eucalyptus - not to be confused with a blend of lemon and eucalyptus (this is one plant). It is a great bug repellant, especially skeeters.

When you get a bite:

Lavender - soothing

Purify or Tea Tree - helps remove the itch

Correct-X ointment - helps disinfect, soothe, and protect


Is it summer if you don't get skinned knees? Let your kids be kids

and have all the tools to support their sensitive skin.

Mama Must Tool Kit:

All but one of the oils in my Mama Must kit can be used for all the owies. These are so simple. Just roll them on or you can create DIY rollers or sprays from the 15ml bottles.

Lavender - all things soothing and calming for any alligator tears

Helichrysum - nature's bandaid. It can help speed up the scabbing process, slow nose bleeds and I seriously don't leave the house without it.

Rose - a natural pain reliever. It can also do wonders to lift big emotions and fears.

Frankincense - the all in one. Helps soothe and support skin recovery and boosts the efficacy of any other oils used at the same time.

Correct-X ointment - your new favorite ointment packed with the big gun oils. All things cleansing, soothing, supportive, and regenerative.

To purchase the Mama Musts Kit, follow this link through checkout. You'll get a doTERRA customer membership, my community support, and this hard shell case as a free gift from me!

Frankincense Lavender Helichrysum Rose Tamer Correct-X


I'm slowly turning my grey thumb into a green thumb.

This section will grow as my knowledge (and garden) grows.

Freshly Picked Flowers:

DDR Prime is my secret to keeping vase flowers fresher longer. I love a cute bouquet whether it was from my garden, the mountain, or even the store. Add a few drops to your water before your flowers and enjoy them for up to a week longer!

Natural Weed Spray:

Don't hold me accountable for this one, I'm just starting it today. But I've been told that 20 drops of clove mixed with 1 cup of water will wither your weeds. Check back to see how that goes or let me know your experience if you try it!

Fungus Spray:

Another trial when I can get to a certain area of our garden. There is a stump that grows mushrooms and attracts all the icky bugs (no thanks earwigs!) I've been told that 20 drops of tea tree in 1 cup of water will help keep fungus growth down. If you've tried it, let me know!


Do you have any other experiences with oils outside that I should try? Please comment them here or shoot me an email at

You want oils? Awesome! I'm honored to be your oil guide.

Please text my work phone (I'll only text.. no calls) (435) 775-2329

I can help you get started with a doterra bundle or something custom to your needs.

If you loved the oils in this blog post, I highly suggest the Mama Musts Kit and go from there. Happy oiling!

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