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Meet Tess

Hi mama, I'm Tess! Boy mama to a 6 year old, 3 year old and almost 2 year old! I've been married to my husband for almost 9 years. We live in a small town in Utah raising pigs, chickens, quail, ducks and more.

I'm also known as The Enneagram Mom. I coach women to know their enneagrams and those around them. So they can make lasting and deeper connections. I'm an enneagram 3w2 which means I am extremely motivated and get things done! I’m sure we will chat more about the enneagrams here as well because they tie so much into intentionalism.

I have a children’s podcast where I talk about mysterious events around the world. I was a teacher for years and miss working with kids! (well ones that aren’t mine and listen the first time!)

I love working on many projects at once and drew all the art for The Intentional Mom Planner and the graphics on this site! I love creating and trying new things.

Creating this planner with Lindsey has been so much fun. It's a huge learning experience and has taught us some big lessons. Mainly how to have a long distance coworking relationship and work with small kids. (Yes I just allowed my Kindergartener to make chicken nuggets for the littles while they watch Blippi... It's called balance.)

I have been so grateful for Lindsey's bubbly personality and adventurous spirit as we have embarked upon this grand (and a little crazy) adventure. Like Dory I have the ability to forget everything and Lindsey is my Marlin keeping me focused. Except when we both have missed out on some sleep... then we are both Dory and there is no hope.....

Thank you so much for joining us here. We have put so much of our heart and soul into this small business and have big dreams coming!

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