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Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Hey mama! Whether you're a new mom, grandmom, busy mom, working mom, adventure mom or anything in-between these tools are for YOU!

I am a mama of 2 under 2 and both my littles are b u s y ! This essential oil kit has literally saved us in all kinds of situations over and over again.

Overview: Rose Frankincense Helichrysum Lavender Tamer Correct-X

none of these statements are meant to diagnose or treat


Rose is naturally one of the oils with the highest frequency. It can help boost your mood and shift your demeanor so you can keep walking in alignment with who you want to be and how you want to feel. To use: I love to roll rose oil over my heart and on my pulse points to reconnect with myself and my kids. When they are feeling strong emotions, this is one I turn to.

It has analgesic properties, which means it is a natural pain reliever. To use: I love to use rose for scrapes, scratches and bruises. My kids are very rough and tumble, so this is a great one to have on hand.

Rose is a powerful, but so gentle. I've used it on my babies from birth to help boost their immune responses. It is one of the first oils I let my son freely use because I know he is getting so many benefits and there isn't risk of irritation. He loves to roll it on his chest and belly and he looks so proud that he can do it by himself.


There is a reason this was given to Jesus. It can literally do anything. If you don't know which oil to use, choose frankincense. It can be used for skin and cell health, emotional balance, memory, healthy immune response, pain, meditation and connection. To use: I love to massage frankincense into my pulse points, especially my temples. I also add it to almost all of my blends because it naturally enhances the other oils it is paired with!

Head tension is something I think everyone experiences on an increasingly regular basis. Whether it stems from emotional (stress) or physical (tight muscles) frankincense can help to ease the pressure. To use: massage into your temples, the back of your neck and press a drop on your thumb into the roof of your mouth or a drop under your tongue (*for internal use, ensure that you are using pure tested essential oils and only do so if you are comfortable)

Mom brain? When you have so much to remember and so much to do, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and forget. Along with tools like writing things down, I have found that frankincense helps clear my mind so I can focus on my priorities. To use: place one drop under your tongue or press a drop on your thumb to the roof of your mouth.


There isn't another oil like this one. The number one reason I use helichrysum is for its haemostatic properties, which means it naturally helps slow or stop bleeding. Nosebleeds? Scrapes? Make sure you have your helichrysum ready! To use: roll directly over the bridge of the nose for nosebleeds or spray or pat gently onto the affected area after it has been cleaned. For some practical DIYs see my Owie Spray and my Recovery Spray


Ah the soothing oil. The most common use is for relaxing and sleep, but I love it for a different reason. (or course you can use it for sleep and naps too)

Lavender is great for soothing bites, stings, burns, and scrapes. To use: roll or rub onto the affected area. Reapply every 30-60 minutes if the irritation continues.

It also has antihistamine properties so it is great to use around changing seasons when there is more pollen, dust and mold. To use: rub into the bridge of your nose, diffuse, or breathe in from the bottle or cupped hands.

And of course relaxation and sleep. I prefer to use lavender in our routine leading up to naptime or bedtime. Lavender can also be helpful during tantrums and high emotions. Use together with your rose roller. To use: I add it to the bath water and apply it on the spine and feet. There are other oils I personally prefer to diffuse during naps and nighttime. Check out my Sweet Dreams blend.


This is my favorite of all the kids collection rollers. It tames the tummy. Think gassy baby belly, upset stomach, difficulties with bowel movements, car sickness, dizziness. I always give this as a baby shower gift because it helped me so much with my new babies. To use: roll onto the belly and gently massage in. For nausea, roll onto the chest as well.


This natural ointment is loaded with incredible oils to support the skin- Frankincense, Helichrysum, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, and Lavender. Use it anytime you would use an antibiotic ointment. It's great for cuts, scrapes, stings, bites, rashes, even chapstick (more like a nourishing lipgloss) or blemishes. To use: apply a teeny amount to the affected area (a little goes a long way. start small and reapply as needed.)

As a new mom, toddler mom, kids have grown up too fast mom, grandmom, or anything in-between... this little oil kit will be so useful for you and your littles. To purchase, click here. After you have checked out I'll be contacting you to send your free case and see if you'd like to participate in my Oil Mentorship Program. I want to make sure you are confident using your oils so your investment doesn't sit forgotten on a shelf.

If you have any questions, please email me at or message me on Instagram @dolifedaily Happy oiling mama!

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