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Making Time for What Matters Most

Mamma, you have a lot going on. I know. I’m a mamma too. I don’t really need to list everything- I’m sure you can rattle off a million things right now in 2.5 seconds.

Often the lists and chores get the best of me. My time. My energy. How many times have you said you wish to have more of just that - time, energy? Another couple hours every day really would be helpful!

Or would it?

It seems no matter how much time I have, I can easily fill it with something.

Some days I choose to sleep in, or stay up way too late, or do absolutely nothing all day except laundry and dishes and then feel like the whole day was wasted.

Those things aren’t bad by any means. What is bad is when we get sucked into them so much that it becomes our routine, our life, the only things we do.

I used to have the mindset of : I’ll do the fun stuff after xyz is done… or if I have time… or this weekend… when the husband is off work… when we have the money… when, if, never.

It’s still a mindset-in-progress, but it is so much better to say YES to the opportunities. MAKE opportunities!

Here are two things that have helped me

make time for the most important things.

1. Schedule them! If you want to go for a hike this week, but never set a day to do it, chances are it won’t happen. But if you write down that on Thursday you are going to hike the local trail behind your park, I bet it’ll happen. You won’t schedule other things, you’ll plan the snacks you need for you and your kids and it’ll happen. Fun memories made.

This month is full of holiday traditions. Pick the ones that mean the most to you and plan them out. Make them happen on purpose, not just if you have time between all the other things. (We have a free holiday bucket list printable if you want a fun family activity!)

2. Say yes, and DO it! When invites come, say yes and go! If you want to get together with some friends, don’t wait for someone else to organize it… you be the hostess! If you want to do something, don’t wait and plan it to perfection. Just make it happen!

This month our book is Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. She talks about how for a year she said yes and did all the crazy opportunities that came her way. I want that to be you! So many discoveries about yourself and what you are capable of are right on the other side of fear, discomfort, or lack of planning. So I want you to start doing the things that come your way AND the things you want to make happen yourself.

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