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How to Start Using Your Planner

A question I’ve gotten a lot over the last few weeks : How do I start using my new planner??

Here are a few tips for you.

Write your name in the front!

I don’t know why, but sometimes I put this off because I want to make it fancy or super pretty.. it feels permanent and big…. just write your name! Your name and the way you write it are unique to you! So love the way you write it. It’s a great place to start!

Don’t feel like you have to fill in every section every time you use your planner.

If you’re not sure what to write somewhere or you don’t have something going on or whatever other reason you come up with… that’s OKAY! Leave it blank or only partially filled. Believe it or not, blank space is totally fine and normal! Don’t pressure yourself to have a perfectly filled planner all the time.

Our Instagram has lots of tips on how to use each section. Check the highlight bubbles and posts.

Change it up!

The categories you choose can be different each week depending on what you have going on. Some weeks you may like it colorful while other weeks all you have time for is pen. Stickers, sticky notes, and other accessories can be fun! But it’s not necessary all the time or even at all! Don’t feel like once you start it a certain way that’s what you have to do forever. Play around with it! I usually suggest starting simple and add as you go.

Perfection is never the goal.

The whole purpose of this planner (and part of why you got this one instead of so many other options) is because you want to be more intentional. So decide now that it is OKAY if you miss a day (or 10). Or if some days are only partially filled out. Or if nothing that you had scheduled actually gets done that day.

Our lives are crazy and change every day all day long. Planners are an amazing tool to help us stay on track, but they will never be able to create perfection. So don’t put that pressure on yourself!

We have lots of examples of how we use our planners on our Instagram page @theintentionalmomplanner as well as here on the blog (with much more coming!)

We would also love to hear from you and how you are using yours! Please comment your ideas and experiences, tag us, share pictures or videos, leave reviews or email us!

We love getting new ideas from you! Everyone uses their planners a little differently, so let’s help out our community. There are so many ways to use your planner, the important part is that you start and we give you full permission to play around until you find your groove. Have fun!

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