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Habit Tracking Made Easy!

New year, new goals - right? We are still in January!! Excitement and determination are high! But it’s well known that it doesn’t always stay that way, right...

Don’t be one of those who stop their goals in a couple weeks because you forgot or it got hard!

We have tools for you to succeed and work through those hard days. I know you can do it mamma!

Our Intentional Mom Planner has 2 ways to track your goals! A large tracker before each month and a smaller version every single week so it’s right in front of you all the time. You get to pick what you track and can either check, x, star, sticker, highlight or scribble every day you accomplish that goal.

Writing down your goals is an amazing way to trigger your brain to take you seriously. It’s now in your mind as well as visually in front of you as a physical reminder. Tracking and checking off when you have completed something is also triggering your brain. You are teaching yourself that you can do it and that it is important to you. Every time you mark that you did it, that belief in yourself is solidified until the thing that was hard or that you had to put extra thought into becomes a habit.

If it’s all in your head or somewhere you can’t see it often, chances are you’ll get distracted by everything else you need to do and all the excuses your brain creates to keep you comfy.

Habit tracking is such a simple tool to improve our mindset and our actions. It is your reminder on the hard days and your own personal cheerleader every time you take action.

Accountability is everything! In our Intentional Mom Planner Facebook group we post our monthly habit tracker and share our progress at the end of the month. There may be prizes involved, so come join us! I know you can do it yourself, but it’s more fun together! Join our community here

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