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Enneagram and Relationships

The enneagram is a creepily accurate personality trait. Consisting of nine types

1-The Reformer 2-The Helper 3- The Achiever 4- The Individualist 5- The Investigator 6- The Loyalist 7- The Enthusiast 8- The Challenger 9- The Peacemaker

Each number is specified by their motivation and fears. Often they have specific traits that fit their specific types. To know more about your type follow Tess, or listen to her podcast The Enneagram Mom.

If you do know your enneagram type and your spouse's it can help you in so many areas of your marriage. The way that the different enneagram types communicate, what they desire, how they handle stress, and move towards becoming their happiest and healthiest self. Knowing your enneagram number can help your marriage and communication. Take some time to explore your enneagram number. On Tess’s Instagram this past week she dove into how each enneagram connects together. There are pros and cons in each relationship but as you dive more into understanding each other you will open up new connections that you didn’t know were possible!

It can also be very helpful to know your friends (and any relationship you want to strengthen). Learn to work with your coworkers better, have stronger friendships, and deeper romantic relationships.

What is your enneagram? Do you know your spouse's type?


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