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Enjoy - limited edition blend

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

April's focus is ENJOY. We want you to be present, playful, and full of joy! Mom's have a lot going on all the time, and sometimes we don't always enjoy all of it, right? When you're needing a little happy moment for yourself or help seeing the bright side, these can help you!

Enjoy essential oil blend: lime tangerine ylang ylang green mandarin ginger



Smoky Quartz

The Oils

LIME the oil of zest for life!

Lime is bright and invites courage and joy. It helps clear heavy emotions and make space to enjoy the present.

respiratory, lymphatic, digestive heavy emotions memory

TANGERINE the oil of gladness and creativity!

Tangerine is fun in a bottle! It helps free the feeling of overwhelm and invites new energy. Find the joy and fun again!

immune, metabolism, circulation anxiousness and nerves overthinking

YLANG YLANG the oil of the inner child Simplicity, playfulness, presence. Kids are the best at enjoying life. Imagine their laughter and bright eyes.. we all need more of that!

adrenal fatigue, stress, anxiousness hormone balancing

GREEN MANDARIN the oil of pure potential! Enjoy the journey. Where you are and where you are going are incredible. Give space to each. Celebrate the present and dream big for your future!

digestive, circulation, metabolism, respiratory heavy emotions energy

GINGER the oil of empowerment! Ginger reminds us to live the life we dream of. Choose to enjoy what you have, who you are, and the experiences you are having.

digestion, congestion, anti-inflammatory hormone balancing memory

The Stones

SMOKEY QUARTZ Having a rough moment? Pull out smoky quartz to take away the negative vibe creating a calming environment and making a place for positive thoughts. clears negative emotions enhances positive thoughts cleanses the environment

AMETHYST Amethyst will help with the anxiety on tough parenting days. It helps with daily healing of your mind, body, and soul and helps control anger and frustration. relieves stress and strain healing of body, mind, and soul dispels anger and anxiety

CITRINE Citrine gives you more joy and wonder in the small moments of motherhood. It can raise your self-esteem and give you the motivation to do those pesky mom chores. imparts joy raises self-esteem promotes motivation

Want the set? Click here to order! Limited time only!


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