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Date Bucket List

It’s the month of love, so we can’t skip a good date bucket list! We gave you our self love bucket list already (free printable here), so this one is all for your relationship. Let’s make date night fun! Here are 20 ideas:

  • Movie Night (level up with a fort!)

  • Scenic drive

  • Cook a new recipe together

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Stargazing (pack a truck bed with blankets and pillows!)

  • Spa at home (complete with face masks and massages!)

  • Go for a walk and hold hands

  • Play monopoly or another board game (set frisky rules if you'd like!)

  • Visit a museum or art gallery

  • Dance party (go out or in your kitchen!)

  • Play 20 questions

  • Do a puzzle

  • Try an Escape room

  • Cookie tasting (homemade or local shops!)

  • Play would you rather (bonus if you can actually do any of them!)

  • Makeout in a carwash

  • Buy lotto tickets (and dream like you won!)

  • Breakfast in bed

  • Go to dinner and order for each other

  • Homemade pizza party

Which are you going to do first?

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