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Cut Your Goal in Half

How are your resolutions going? Right on track? Stopped? Hit and miss?

I have a challenge for you

For the next 15 days I want you to cut your goal in half!

If you’ve started reading our February book of the month, Finish by Jon Acuff, you’ve heard him talk about this and I want all of us to try it.

His reasoning is that sometimes (oftentimes) we underestimate how long it will take us to accomplish a goal, so by cutting the goal in half or doubling the time we give ourselves we are more likely to finish our goal!

The great thing about finishing or accomplishing a goal is that we are then more motivated to do more!

An example:

If you set a goal to lose 10lbs this month and take my challenge to cut it in half, your new goal is 5lbs! And you crush it! Now next month you will be so excited to do it again. Your mind and body now have proof that you can do it, so you will keep doing it.

The flip side is if your goal is 10lbs and you only lose 8. That’s still incredible! But your mind will either consciously or unconsciously be disappointed and frustrated that you didn’t hit your goal. Often that is the catalyst to quitting.

By no means do I want you to dream small, limit yourself, or doubt what you can do. Quite the opposite! I want you to feel so empowered by what you are accomplishing that you are unstoppable!

Once your body and mind have proof that you can do it, you’ll have a fire lit that will help propel you - habits formed, excitement and determination ignited - so when difficulties or setbacks come you will be better prepared to move through them instead of stop.

I believe in you! Cut your goal in half for the next 15 days and let’s crush them!! Tell me your goal in the comments below so we can check back and celebrate together!

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