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Creating an Intentional Holiday

It’s the holiday season and Christmas is less than two weeks away! It can be a magical time of year or extremely stressful. We want to help you plan for a magical month.

Start thinking about it now so you can make plans, set boundaries, and decide what is really important to you.

It’s easy to get caught up in the sales and presents and giving and all the grandeur. So I want you to ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. What do I love most about this time of year?

  2. What are my absolute favorite traditions or do I have any I’d like to try?

  3. What am I not okay with or what stresses me out?

Okay so technically that’s 5 questions.. but you get the idea. Did you answer them? Alright, let’s break it down a little.

Number 1 : what do you love most about this time of year?

You may have a huge list, or just a couple things. If your list is large, try to narrow it down or find a theme. Use this as your guide to an intentional holiday season. If something doesn’t fit within your theme or what you love most, maybe it isn’t as important and you can skip it to be able to focus more in other areas.

Number 2 : what are your favorite traditions or something you want to try?

This is probably something you’ll need to discuss with your significant other because you probably have different favorites.

Make sure that the favorite traditions are a priority and schedule time and plan for them to make sure they happen. If you love decorating sugar cookies, plan a day so you can make sure everyone will be home and you have the right ingredients. Maybe you need to make the cookies ahead of time so they are ready to decorate. Or maybe that’s part of the activity. But it’s more likely to happen if everyone is on board. This is especially important if you’re trying something new.

Number 3 : what are you not okay with or what stresses you out?

Your mental health is important! Being in uncomfortable or unsafe situations, doing things because you feel like you should be doing them even though they create chaos - these are all things you can cut out or at least decrease or prepare for (depending on what it is.)

Remember, follow your theme and what you love most about this time of year. You can choose to create more of that! Say no! Have a year with just your immediate family (covid is a great excuse if you need one). Don’t worry about some of the activities you usually do if they cause more stress than happy moments.

Start thinking about your intentional holiday season now so you can be prepared instead of overwhelmed. I hope you discover more of your magical feeling and fun memories!

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